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For healthy skin, a skin solution for experts

This is a promise from CIVASAN Laboratories, for healthy skin. Based on young reliability and high vision, we are set to maintain healthy skin for our customers. CIVASAN Laboratories works with superior know-how to provide an innovative skin solution for a better quality of life.


Skin is a live organ. It protects our body, and has the amazing ability to heal itself.

In the contemporary times, however, environmental pollution, stress, and wrong eating habits are not only aging the skin and its ability to regenerate itself. Our goal is to improve skin in this dismal state to a healthy one. Even at this moment, experts at CIVASAN Laboratories are conducting product testing and feedback, and our goal is to extend our skin solution research from hospitals, beauty centers, and the whole world at the end.


We conduct R&D for products in an excellent manufacturing environment. Animal experiments are prohibited at all. As we went through many trials and errors in various skin types during the research period of over 3 years, the product has been born. Nowadays, cosmetics manufacturers easily produce cosmetics without many efforts. However, it is required to take at least one year for research and 2 years for experiments in order to get the confidence in a product. Our civasan research institute is conducting research and development of cosmetics with professional artisanship. We will keep our tradition in the future.


Consumer Scope

All the efforts of civasan aim to meet the expectations of our customers. We wish all people including women, men, elderly and children will be happy with our products.


Professional Scope

Civasan's professional products are used to perform skin customized treatments and the mechanism of the treatments is applied.



Civasan Laboratory is equipped with optimal level of R&D and boasts of its manufacture and quality maintenance system. They are employed in millions of skin treatment at dermatology clinics and skin salons worldwide specialized for problematic skin.

Medician is how we call our Civasan skin care professionals. Medicians develop high standard techniques for treatment of skin surface, and Civasan Academy provides practical education and basic knowledge regarding epidermis (skin surface) regeneration.

Packaging, visuals and graphics ensure that Civasan messages are more effectively delivered to clients and professionals. It is not about identifying and following the cosmetics market, but rather creating and presenting the trends.

Civasan solution specializes in treatment of problematic skin. Rather than immediate effects that lead to painful and sensitive skin, we offer lifelong skin care for healthy skin and provide a better life to the customers.






Cosmetics OEM/ODM/OGM

Premium quality production system combining Civasan’s unique formulas and CPD system.

Contents production

We do not sell products, we sell the concepts. Contents come before anything else, and thus we apply Civasan’s know-how into the contents.

Distribution and Publicity Agency

The distribution channels created in Civasan is utilized for domestic and foreign distribution as well as marketing.

Products for Marketing

Production of CI, leaflet, package, website, poster from excellent Civasan design/planning section.

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