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Although the development in SNS facilitated distribution compared to the past, order has become much easier to collapse.

In order to deliver commodities with values, Civasan does not compromise but aims for clean distribution through strict regulations.



We do not work for the purpose of making profit. We esteem the originality that comes from values.

Only groups that precisely know the value behind Civasan can carry it, not those who merely distribute it for the purpose of making profit. We would like to designate the title below to righteous handlers of Civasan.


We start here where the product reflects Civasan's idea, purpose, and theory. Through product value, application measures, and happiness that come from using the products, consumers deliver on the value of choosing Civasan.


Civasan group encompasses all parts related to the product. We take care of product ingredients and effects, purpose of its usage, possible side effects as well as one’s diet and sleeping habits.


More effective marketing and directions are presented to Salons that employ Civasan products, a group that educates one to differentiate from others in terms of professionalism. It is a group that not only focuses on distribution, but makes sure that products are properly used by employing innovative measures such as sailing-point




To prevent imitations and illegal distribution followed by increased preference of Civasan products, Civasan adopts hidden tag which is a powerful, confident product classification system. 

Hidden tag hologram sticker with the unique identification number attached to the product enables verification of the genuine product. It also includes factors to counteract duplication, hacking attempts.

Download Hidden Tag

from Your App Maket

Scan the

Hidden Tag Sticker

Check the

Authenticity Page

Check for

Illegal Products

Hidden Tag

Hidden Tag

Play Video




Production and distribution history record of a product can be managed using unique code of a hidden tag (production site, distribution network, vendor information, dates can be verified by each product).

GPS tracking system accurately detects and tracks products that are distributed incorrectly.

Scan the

Hidden Tag

Check the Distribution

Info Shown on Landing Page

Check the Verification Location through

the GPS Tracking Feature

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